Why You Don’t Need an Online Weight Loss Coach

If I had a dollar for every time someone came up to me and asked me about weight loss, I would be able to buy a used Honda Civic, at least.

“How do I lose this arm fat?”

“I just want to tone up”

“My entire worth is tied to the scale!”


Ok, I might have made that last one up but that is the gist from most of these people.  They are all looking for a personal trainer transformation, and so are primmed to buy into promises to “transform your body” with a “simple, easy plan!”.  Looks folks, it is in fact simple and easy—but it takes really, really hard work.  When people ask me how I got to where I am fitness-wise, I tell them the simple formula no one wants to hear:

“All it takes is dedication, endless education and experimenting, meticulous note taking and strict dieting, sacrifice… and ten years.”    EASY!


(Forget that I get on a stage and in all honesty… no one needs to look like me to be very fit).


It is, however, the truth—and here at Transformational Fitness we know better.  An online weight loss coach, some Tick-Tock 20-year-old promising a personal training transformation… come on, they are lying to you at worst or misleading you to line their pockets at best.  To transform your body, you need to decide what you want: a personal trainer vs. fitness coach, which one?  In other words, someone who is attentive for a pre-determined time and doesn’t even give you their email, or someone who is going to strive to educate you, to work with you to build fitness into your life, rather than change your life around fitness.  You need a mentor, you need a coach… not a personal trainer, and not a social media personality more interested in affiliate sponsorships than your success.


Why don’t you need one?  You want to lose weight, Do you not?

Here is why: because losing weight is a byproduct of fitness, not fitness itself.  It is a fact that you do not need to exercise to transform your body through only weight loss, you simply need to consume fewer calories.  Depending on your goals, a weight loss program will often require a calorie cutting plan so brutal you will begin to look at your own children like steaks (as if you’re in a Looney Toon).   That is about as fun as sitting through an Amish Thanksgiving.  Hard pass.


If you really want to transform your body, really want that personal training transformation, forget the online weight loss coach, and go with Transformational Fitness: education, hard work, support, and a program designed to fit your life (we even work with you on time management approaches to create the space for fitness in your life).


Have a mentioned how little energy you will have after an online weight loss coach cuts all your calories?  If being tired sounds better than being able to eat more food, not less, and still lose weight (vs. the online weight loss coach driven approach) … call one up today!


Look, weight loss to transform your body is hard.  Really hard.  Most people fail—but this is because most people never work on the peripheral skills required to succeed.  An online weight loss coach isn’t going to do that for you, nor is a standard-issue online personal trainer (remember the difference between a personal trainer vs. fitness coach).


Transformational Fitness does that for you, or should we say with you.

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