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What Makes the Best Fitness Mentor?

Let’s be honest: these days, there are more “fitness mentors” vying for your money and attention than ever before.  There are Tick Tock twenty-somethings with a massive three years (!) of training who can teach you the perfect deadlift because they are the best in their school of 50 students, overly thin-blonds who “love to run” but never have competitively (but they look GREAT in teeny-tiny shorts!).  Shoot me now.


All of them claim “I am the best fitness mentor” or “I am the only online weight loss coach who can deliver results,” and it seems worth asking: what makes the best fitness mentor?  What makes the best fitness mentor for weight loss?  Why should I invest in these online personal training packages?  And finally, is an online personal fitness mentor right for me?


Let’s dig in.


What makes the best fitness mentor?

Simply put, life experience.  I do not mean “experience in guiding personal training transformations,” although of course, that is important.  I mean real, true, adult-level life experience.  Heartbreak, balancing a career and personal life, professional experience… that sort of stuff.  This is what makes the best online weight loss coach, the best online personal fitness trainer, the best online health and fitness mentor… whatever, because this is the experience that allows a person to be empathetic, flexible, and rounded in a way that 99% of trainees/clients need.  We are all human, but let’s be honest: we are less human in our early 20s than in our late 30s.


What makes the best fitness mentor for weight loss? 

Someone who has lost a ton of weight has accomplished something commendable and rightfully should be praised.  However, this isn’t an experience worth paying for—maybe listening to, but not paying for.  Why?  Because they did it one way: the way that worked for them.  Who is to say it will work for you?  The best online weight loss coach is one who understands many avenues to the goal and can contextualize the goal along phycological lines.  They can create behavioral change over the long term.  This is how you lose weight and keep it off.


Why should I invest in these online personal training packages? 

Generally, given the average online health and fitness mentor, you shouldn’t!  However, if you find someone who is holistically looking to help you achieve your goals: to create behavioral change, to educate you to become independent—then the dynamic shifts from paying someone to help you lose weight to paying someone to educate you to help yourself to lose weight.  This is an investment, and investments provide returns.


Is an online personal fitness mentor right for me?

If you want to invest in yourself, if you like having control over your own fitness destiny, then yes… an online personal fitness mentor, online personal fitness trainer, online health and fitness mentor… whatever you want to call it, is right for you.  Online personal training and fitness education require good communication, a human-to-human understanding, and a willingness to invest in the client… not just online personal training packages and cut-and-paste programs.


Ross at Transformational fitness provides all of the above.  He is a real human with real human experiences in and out of the gym.  He has achieved success in a variety of fields outside of fitness, and within, he has experienced loss, he has had a LIFE.  This all aids you in your weight loss journey— your fitness journey because it will allow you to feel supported in a way those 20-year-old Tick Tock ab and booty guys and gals will never be able to.  Give Transformational fitness a try.

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