What is Transformational Fitness?

Transformational Fitness is an online-fitness mentoring company where clients receive customized workout plans, macro recommendations, and coaching on fitness. Okay—so, like every other online fitness coach, right? Just copy/paste some crappy program into an excel file and send it over with a macro plan you pulled off an online calculator? 


Not at all. We want you to transform your body at Transformational Fitness—but here is the thing… we want, with emphasis on YOU, to transform your body. This is an online relationship—we cannot lift the weights for you, we cannot call you in the morning to get up and work out, and we cannot slap the fork out of your hand when you dig into some cheesecake. I mean, we can if you’re willing to pay… not above some fork-slapping here at Transformational Fitness!


We emphasize YOU because YOU need to be educated to train yourself—literally, approaching a fit lifestyle requires knowing how to. So, this is the less personal training, which presumes you already know what you’re doing and need some motivation and tweaking, and more fitness coaching—mentoring—in order to build you from the ground up both in body and brain. As far as we see it, personal training vs. fitness coaching (mentoring) is an easy contest: fitness coaching is better every time. You will always have something to learn, no matter how far along your fitness journey you are. 


Transformational Fitness helps you transform your body by giving you the blueprint to do so, continuously, forever more, on your own. In the contest between Personal Trainer vs. Fitness Coach, the personal trainer gives you what you need to get fit in the sense that they hand you the components of fitness: a workout plan, maybe a diet plan, and some rah-rah motivation. Ever put together Ikea furniture? Sucks, right? Ever put Ikea furnisher together with no blueprint? Use it for kindling. 


You need a blueprint, and Transformational Fitness has developed a program to suit: the Collegiate Program. The Collegiate Program is how Transformational Fitness becomes akin to Transformational Fitness University… we have a structured program that starts at the basics and builds you up from there. It’s less “do as I say because I have a six-pack” like some online weight loss coach programs we can think of, and more “here is the science of how this works.” Additionally, we spend time on the psychological aspects of finding fitness in adulthood—time management, the 80/20 rule, and more. Transformational Fitness, therefore, transforms your body by transforming your very approach to fitness, and your relationship with it, and aids you in figuring out how to fit fitness into your life. That is a huge difference in comparing a personal trainer vs. a fitness coach. 


From experienced amateur athletes, and recreational gym goers, to those who “lost” fitness somewhere on life’s journey, Transformational Fitness is here to arm you with the practical skills and knowledge to find success long after you stop working with us. Allow Transformational Fitness the honor of working with you to transform your body and mind—we won’t be the personal training transformation service giving you results tethered to your ability to pay; we will be fitness mentors, educators, and teammates—Transformational Fitness will give you the blueprint to transform your body long after you stop working with us. Sustainable, science-based, practical, and tailored: that is Transformational Fitness!



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