Transform your body with ross

How to Transform Your Body with Ross

There are a lot of online weight loss coaches and online personal fitness trainers, all claiming to be the best online fitness mentor.  Like, a penguin colony worth.  Here is the thing, though: they usually fall into one of the below categories:


  • Sub-thirty-year old’s who think having a six-pack qualifies them to coach others despite having as much experience in fitness (and life) as Britney Spears has operating planes.
  • A “bodybuilding” coach who has competed once or twice with results poorer than Tiny Tim’s family after a medical emergency.
  • A general fitness enthusiast who confuses enthusiasm and encouragement for actual knowledge and experience.
  • A hippy-dippy online health and fitness mentor who treats clients as potential converts to their granola cult.


When you choose to transform your body with Ross, you get none of this.  In addition to over 20 years of studying, lifting, and excelling in strength sports, he is a winning competitive bodybuilder, an ex-professional athlete (three times over), and an extremely successful businessman.  He is also not divorced, well versed in various subjects, including psychology, and is a published author.  He accomplishes these things through a systematic, highly organized, and empathetic approach (for himself).  He applies customized versions of this approach to clients.


The Approach


Ross’s approach focuses on working with clients on the phycological blockades preventing them from achieving “fitness”.  He believes a personal training transformation stems from adherence.  Without adherence, there is no fitness.  What is the point of providing a hard, challenging fitness program with macros to a client if they are not prepared to adhere to it?


A client is evaluated to determine their readiness in both experience and lifestyle to adhere to a certain level of programming.  There is no pressure placed on a client to push themselves to the point where adherence is put at risk—fitness is a long journey, not a drive down the street.  Ross wants each client to eventually not need him (fire him, literally) because fitness has been fully embedded into their lifestyle in a permanent manner.  To do this, Ross needs first to evaluate the current lifestyle requirements of the client, their time management skills, empathetic reasoning, and prior fitness experience, all in addition to teaching them about fitness and diet.  A regular online personal fitness trainer does not do this… and clients almost always burn out, drop out, and lose their fitness.   This approach is the hallmark of the best fitness mentor for the general populace.


So don’t fall into this trap!  Learn to get fit while learning to improve your approach to life in general.  These skills are transferable… they certainly were for Ross.  So, acquire fitness, superior time management skills and reasoning, and more overall life success… however you define it!


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