Below are a few basic FAQs and answers. It is common to still have questions even after perusing the below… if so, please do not hesitate to send Ross an email! He prides himself in prompt responses. There are no dumb questions, no concerns too trivial, and no reason to be embarrassed at all! Ask away!

In general, most clients want to be “T-shirt” fit—meaning they look great in a comfy top and a solid pair of jeans.

While no client has exactly the same goals, Ross works with the client in a step-by-step manner to focus them on breaking the journey into a series of achievable “micro-goals” that add up to the “big goal”. Ross stresses each step individually while placing it in a larger context—the client should always know the destination, but in fitness a foundation for success must be built brick by brick.
He can… but he won’t. This is not the focus of Transformational Fitness and Ross suggests hiring an experienced contest prep-coach for this purpose. He personally knows several (and has worked with a few himself) and is happy to refer you. Just send an email.

The focus of Transformational Fitness is to help people achieve a sustainable, healthy relationship with fitness and dieting in order to enjoy a more active, full life. What a “full life” in context of fitness means to the client is, well, up to the client. Ross will guide them to where they want to go.
Ross needs to graduate clients in order to take on new clients. He doesn’t have unlimited bandwidth either, and clients in the earlier stages of the Collegiate Program are more time intensive than those in later stages. That said, he doesn’t push clients along for the sake of attaining new clients—he feels it is important to gently push clients along in a non-arbitrary manner.
The Collegiate Program is aimed at those who are struggling to incorporate fitness into their lives. In essence, these clients are already busy and aren’t looking to study for tests issued by Ross. Think of the week-by-week training as a “practicum” of sorts—the client learns and applies, Ross pushes the client gradually towards a key point, and upon demonstration by the client to Ross that a key turning point has been achieved Ross “graduates” the client. In this manner the client moves towards fitness “independence”.
Ross utilizes existing videos on popular platforms for basic instruction and encourages the clients to send him their own videos of them performing exercises (usually the exercises are to be discussed in advance). Ross then responds via email with pointers, references, etc. and the process repeats until the client is proficient in the movement. In the earlier stages of The Collegiate Program, this back and forth will be more common and less so in the later stages. For Straight-Up Training clients, this process is implemented upon request of the client.
In the Collegiate Program there is a staged approach to this. In the Freshmen and Sophomore phases Ross does not require or encourage tracking this data to any great degree—perhaps once monthly. In these stages, the focus is on “getting into fitness” which is a result in and of itself. In later stages, pending client goals, Ross implements this sort of

tracking to a finer degree. For most clients, this data is not important but if you feel it should be, Ross will provide all templates, etc. needed to keep these records.

Straight-Up Coaching Clients will be expected to track this data more or less from the start.
Ross is a NASM and ACTION certified personal trainer with years of experience training clients, in addition to being a client himself as well as an athlete under the tutelage and guidance of internationally recognized athletic coaches.

Regarding phycological concepts and his qualifications for implementing them: Ross has fifteen years of leadership and performance training under his belt—acquired throughout his career as he advanced from junior to senior levels. He is familiar with everything from applying Myers-Briggs results to the core-concepts of team motivation techniques and has applied them consistently throughout a successful business career and in his personal life.
Diligent focus can yield solid results within one month, but results at any level of client focus past a bare-minimum will yield results—the degree of results you attain is up to you, however.