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There is more to an online weight loss coach than their ability to prescribe exercises and diet advice.  A lot more.  For the average client, fitness is an aspiration and not a reality.  For the average online personal fitness trainer, enthusiastic motivation or scolding for “laziness” is not a mature approach.

How, exactly, is a client “lazy” or “not committed” if they are caregiving to children, being a head of household, a working professional, and dealing with all the other random, time-intensive obligations that come with being a modern adult?  Lazy?  No way!

This is not a motivational issue to solve but a psychology and time management issue.  This is where Ross excels and what makes him one of the best fitness mentors.


Ross has managed to operate three companies (Transformational Fitness and two real-estate companies) on top of acting as a Finance Executive at a publicly traded firm in the semiconductor industry.  Additionally, he has been a published author, a winning bodybuilder, and an ex-professional snowboard racer. He is the father of two children and is happily planning elaborate dates with his wife (probably right now).  Oh yeah, and he is certified in personal training!

Ross knows time management and how to work with clients to complete a personal training transformation.


He does not host online bodybuilding classes; he does not lead Zumba classes; he doesn’t do spinning… he prescribes sane, feasible, gradually escalating, and appropriate fitness programs utilizing the time, equipment, and current ability of the client.  He works with clients as an online personal fitness trainer and generally tries to be the best fitness mentor for the client specifically.  Some clients need pushing, others need support, and others still need someone to overview their schedule with them to optimize it to allow fitness to exist in the first place!  Some people need the best fitness mentor for weight loss, others a general online health and fitness mentor and others are already driven to achieve a personal training transformation.  One thing is sure: you can transform your body with Ross.


Drawing from experience in different professions (including fitness), experiences moving through the ups and downs of life, balancing his fitness journey against a demanding schedule… Ross is well equipped to train a client’s body and their approach to fitness (and life) in general.


Give Ross a shot.

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